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Why are we Giving a Free Minecraft Premium Account?

Freecodegeneratorgeek is giving away an free minecraft premium account for all of our visitors, we are doing this because we want to share all of the accounts that we got from our programmer friends. Our friends are professionals programmers that can hack an database to get a free of whatever they want, yeah they can do it and we are using it on our online games like this minecraft. We have a tons of minecraft premium account so we decided to made a website because we know that we can’t use all the 100s and 1000s of premium accounts for ourselves so we made a website that giving a free minecraft premium and you are luckily found it, if you follow all the steps you will get your minecraft account today.

How to Get your Own Minecraft Premium Account?

The good thing about this is you don’t need to download any minecraft premium account generator on your PC or Mac and worry about viruses that will get by your pc. Our website is designed an generator that based online of inside our website, so what you will need to do is to use our website like a typical generators but this time you will not doing it on your computer, you just need to click the button and choose your desired server and we will give you directly on the website and you don’t need to download anything, you will get your premium minecraft account directly and you just need to copy paste it and use it on minecraft right away.

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Is this Minecraft Premium Account Safe to Use?

The free minecraft premium accounts on our database are 101% safe to use, mainly because our site is protected and the protection is designed by our professional programmers. We blocked all the access of IP addresses from Minecraft sites, so they cannot get to access our website. So we guarantee you that you can use our Free Minecraft Premium Account safely.


Last Update:

Important: Please do not spam our Minecraft Account Server. Please maintain to get one premium account per person, We want all of our visitors to get their free minecraft account.


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    1. Russ Pherson

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    1. Luigi Naclerio

      I also want an custom account, hoping that it’s possible. But for the meantime, I will just use my existing account got from this website.

    2. Sarai Ono

      I think you can get a custom by using their minecraft premium converter. If I’m not mistaken

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