PSN Code Generator – How to Get $50 Free PSN Card Codes

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Our team (freecodegeneratorgeek) having an new psn code generator and improve free psn codes giveaway for all of our beloved visitors! We are all making this for you guys as an appreciation, today we have release a new website that will be your new source of free psn cards. But our existing website that giving free psn card codes are still up and rocking. You can still get your free psn redeem codes there. We made this because we received a tons of messages saying that they are really love our website because they are getting their own psn codes from our website but some of them not getting their own because of lack of stocks on our database so we made this newly improved website for a bulk an tons of visitors that want to get their free psn card codes instantly.

Is the New PSN Code Generator Safe?

To be honest with you guys, I will answer you directly ‘It is absolutely safe!’, We have allot of good feedback and testimonials from our visitor that already got their free psn codes list. So how can we say that it’s safe, It’s safe because, not like the other website, we are offering it directly on website and you don’t need to download any psn code generator to your computer and worry on those damn viruses. Our PSN Code Generator is design inside our website and have a tons of free psn codes list inside our database, and aside from that our database is really easy to update by our techs unlike that generators that you need to download to your computer, you need to update it before it gets work and sometimes it don’t work at all.

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How to Use This PSN Code Generator and Get Free PSN Codes?

As we said above, you can get your psn codes directy on our website by following the button below, you don’t need to download any free psn code generator.  So what are you waiting for? Get free psn codes now and don’t forget to share it on your friend if you found it useful.

Get Your Free PSN Codes Below!

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Important: Please do not spam our psn codes server. Please maintain to get one psn code per person, We want all of our visitors to get their free psn card codes.

45 thoughts on “PSN Code Generator – How to Get $50 Free PSN Card Codes

  1. I am too lazy to do the verification but right after I got the psn code it’s really worth it! many thankssss

  2. I really thank you guys for making this such wonderful giveaway of psn codes. I already came back 3 times and got my psn codes

  3. Thanks for making a tutorial page, I just follow all the steps on the tutorial and I use my email for verification. After that boom!! I got my working $50 worth playstation network card. Absolutly worth it. 🙂

  4. Can I use the same phone number for verification? It’s my second time in this website, and last time I perfectly got my psn codes after the phone verification.

  5. I can’t get an $50, but when I tried the $20 it works for me, may be the $50 server is accessing by many visitors. But thanks anyway. I will just comeback tommorow to get $50

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